Kate Aydin has been helping people create space in their homes and offices since 2015. She works with clients in Oxford and the surrounding area. 

How does decluttering work?

Kate helps her clients minimise their excess stuff in a sensitive and considerate way. No client is forced to get rid of things if they really don’t want to – it’s not an episode of Hoarders! Kate helps clients make the right decisions with a focus on clearing the excess stuff so that they can have a clear room, home or office. 


First, Kate holds a half hour telephone consultation with a prospective client (free of charge). Together they discuss the type of clutter the client has and what the client hopes to achieve. 


Kate arranges a visit to the client’s home and looks in all the rooms to assess the nature of the clutter. She will suggest what needs to be done and if the client is OK with her suggestions, she will start decluttering immediately. Together they decide what to keep, what to give to family/friends, what to donate to charity and what to recycle or put in the bin. Items for keeping are organised in a suitable way.

How long does decluttering take?

The time it takes to declutter depends on how much clutter the client has and how quickly they make decisions. Typically, a room takes about 6 hours to declutter if a client makes decisions quickly. Most clients prefer to work in blocks of 3 to 4 hours (anything more than 4 hours can be tiring).