Whole house – you may be downsizing, moving house, doing a refurbishment, expanding your family or just wanting a change. Kate helps you make decisions on how to clear your home of unnecessary items so that you have space for what you need and love.

A room – you may need to use a room in your house for extra office space, utility room, nursery or guest room. If that room is full of clutter, Kate will work with you to clear the room and give it a new purpose. It could even be part of a room, such as decluttering a wardrobe or set of drawers.

An office – if you’re too busy to clear your office Kate will help you clear paperwork, filing cabinets, shelves, desk and floor space so that you have exactly what you need to make your office calm and functional.

A new life phase – you may be going through a life change, such as getting married, going through bereavement, recovering from an illness or having a baby. Kate will work with you in a considerate and sensitive way to remove clutter so that you can transition to the next stage of your life.

Sustainabile living – Kate can help you set up efficient recycling / composting systems in your home environment and provide guidance on non-toxic household products. These methods will help to reduce your impact on the environment.