A box for decluttering

I have a box in my cupboard under the stairs. Anything I don’t need or love goes in the box. I try to put one thing in the box every day. It could be a pen/pencil/scarf/hair clip/roll of wrapping paper. Taking my excess stuff to a charity shop makes me feel good. My halo shines because I’m raising money for charity and it’s so easy. No need to run marathons, hold complicated charity events or turn out my pockets to chuggers in the street.

My box is see-through plastic so I can see what’s in it and keep it clean. 7 items in the box per week, multiplied by 52 weeks in a year = 364 bits of stuff GONE from my home. If each item sells for £1, I’ve raised £364 for charity.



Why keep 50 pens?

Pens. Do they breed in the draw? We love pens but we probably don’t use all 50 pens scattered throughout our home. But pens are USEFUL. Well, yes and no. They’re only useful if we use them. If pens are shut away in draws, hidden under piles of newspapers, broken or out of ink, they’re not useful. To minimise excess stuff, choose 10 of the 50 pens and allocate a draw for them. Donate the rest to charity or if broken, put in the landfill bin.


I say no to…

What is allowed to come into your home? We can practice saying ‘No’ to the excess stuff we don’t need or love, often found in:

  • the Sales, Black Friday
  • 3 for 2 offers
  • catalogues
  • last minute or ‘exclusive’ deals
  • car boot sales
  • charity shop items we don’t need
  • buying in bulk
  • just-in-case items
  • online purchases (makes impulse buying so easy)
  • holiday souvenirs