How to stop junk mail

I stop my junk mail by registering with the Mailing Preference Service. It’s a free and confidential service. Once you’ve registered it takes 2-4 months to take effect. You will then see a reduction in the amount of junk mail you get. You can sign up online:

I also refuse store cards, VIP cards and any other cards offered to me when I buy stuff. If the sales assistant asks me for my postcode, email address or any other details I say “I’d prefer not to give my details.” If you do give your details you will be sent mail or emails. Even if they promise not to send you advertising, they will!

Junk mail sucks up our valuable time and energy because we have to…

Collect piles of unwanted post from the doormat each morning

Waste mental energy each time we look at the pile of junk mail and promise ourselves to ‘read it later’ (which of course we never do)

Unwrap the cellophane covered catalogues, brochures or other advertising

Work out which bits of the junk mail can be recycled or binned. Is cellophane recyclable? Is metal coated paper recyclable? Is shiny paper recyclable? Can I recycle paper with staples in it?

Preventing junk mail is far easier than having to process it.